What Are The Benefits of Design Build Remodeling?

Top 4 Benefits to Working with a Design Build Remodeler

While there are several advantages to working with a Design Build Remodeler, here are our top four benefits.

1. We're all on the same team.

One team. One project. One goal: improving the lives of our clients.

This fact alone could be the only reason that Design Build Remodeling is an advantage and it would be enough. Everyone on our team is fighting for you: the client. There is no dispute between architect, builder, project manager, designer, or any other party involved.

There is just one cohesive team that at the end of every day is working to put the client's needs at the forefront. With one team working together to solve any road bumps or changes, there is a heightened sense of accountability. Nobody wants to fail a client, but when a project is disjointed then it becomes easier to point fingers at others. 

A team that is used to working together is also, needless to say, far more efficient. There are scheduling issues or vendor overlaps - just one, strong team building continuity for the client.

2. We are all experts in our fields.

In Design Build Remodeling, there are no exceptions. Everyone is an expert in their own field.

Everyone on our team has extensive expertise when it comes to their particular contribuation. Whether you work with our designer, our builder, our project manager - each team member specializes in exactly that and works well with everyone else on the team.

3. Collaboration for the success of our clients.

We all want our clients to win, and we all put our heads together to ensure that this happens.

No matter who you speak with on our team, we all will meet and discuss your needs and desires. There is no one trying to push other suppliers down to boost themselves up in your eyes. Rather, we are all trying to win for you.

This collaboration sets Design Build teams apart for many reasons. Timelines for projects are typically shorter and more precise, cost savings are generally higher because fewer mistakes or miscalculations are made, and communication between the team and the client is much stronger. This delivers not only a quicker turn-around for less but it also delivers exactly what the client is looking for.

4. We are actively involved at every turn.

We don't believe in just consulting our clients and then sending someone to do the dirty work. That's not how Design Build Remodeling wins.

Design Build Remodeling wins because the entire team is involved every step of the way. We are onsite together. We are solving problems together. We are looking for new ideas together.

We are always there, advocating for the client.