Discover Answers to Your Remodeling Questions:

Below we provide commonly asked questions related to design build remodeling and their answers.If you don't see an answer to one of your questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to help.

Q: What is design build?

A: Put simply, design build is a phrase used to describe remodeling services that incorporate design and contruction under one roof. You can read more about design build remodeling on our page - What Are the Benefits of Design Build Remodeling?

Q: Is design build right for me?

A: With our years of experience in producing quality home solutions, we recommend Design Build Remodeling for any residential project. Having designers and builders on one team not only empowers us as remodelers, but it also empowers you as the homeowner. You are able to more easily stay involved in the project and ensure that your voice is heard.

Q: May I contact your past customers?

A: We will be happy to provide you with a list of past customers and the type of project we have completed for them. All customers listed have agreed to let us use them as a reference and invite your call.

Q: What is my role in the design build remodeling process?

You are the most important member of the Design Build team. As our client, your desires and goals drive the design, materials, selections, timeline, and budget for your renovation. Let us know what you like and don't like. Our team's goal is convert your vision into reality.

Q: Do you have liability insurance and workman's compensation?

A: Yes. We are fully bonded and insured! You will receive a copy with your name as the certificate holder at the start of your job. As general contractor, all subcontractor work is covered under our insurance.

Q: What if I am not happy with your cost estimate?

A: Our services are not for everyone. We take pride in the quality of the materials we use, the sophistication of our craftsmanship, and the seamlessness of our project implementation. If your initial cost estimate doesn't sound right, we can provide a detailed explanation of the costs as well as recommendations for meeting the ideal cost of your Pittsburgh renovation. If you are not satisfied in any way or do not want to compromise, our agreement will be terminated, and you can keep any premilinary plans that have been created.

Q: Do I need to secure the services of an architect?

A: One of the benefits of choosing a design build remodeler is that you will not need to secure the services of an architect. We handle every step of the remodeling process from initial consultation and drafting plans to construction and the final touches.

Q: What type of remodeling projects does Master Remodelers take on?

A: With our years of experience, we know when a project is a good fit with our services. When it comes to making our clients dreams come true, no design inquiry or challenge is too extravagant. In fact, we are fluent in the languages of design perfection and elaborate detail. Our typical design build remodeling projects include integrated home audio systems and technology, intricate design requests, full scale kitchen or bathroom renovations, and timeless home theaters that would otherwise just be a "what if." We excel in transforming these kinds of "what if's" into "wow's".

Q: Do you have any suggestions for budgeting for home remodel in Pittsburgh?

A:  Answer Coming Soon!

Q: How much does working with Master Remodelers typically cost?

A: Our prices vary depending on several elements, including level of design, quality of material, and so much more. A typical project can easily coost $100,000, wheras a larger scale project affecting multiple rooms could be closer to $300k - $500k. When technology integration, plumbing relocation, and large scale design are involved, project scopes and pricing naturally increase. When you are looking for expert craftsmanship, high quality materials, high end design, and a seamless design build remodeling experience, price matters less and timeless solutions are what matter.

Q: What is your average timeline for a Pittsburgh renovation?

A: A project timeline can vary greatly, depending on the scope of work and the timeliness of feedback. We only work with the best suppliers and vendors, and our expert team works efficiently together. Your specific timeline, however, will be based on your needs and desires. Your next step is to meet with our designer and to better understand what your project requires behind the scenes to deliver your dream results!