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Confessions of a Luxury Remodeler: The 16 Ton Facelift

January 02, 2018 | Helene McQuaide

You Load 16 Tons and What Do You Get?

In this case you get:

  • an open and expanded basement floor plan to accommodate a wet-bar
  • entertainment room,
  • and a seasonal screened-in porch.

But how did we do it?

16 Ton Facelift - Before16 Ton Facelift - Before

Our Design

To accommodate our design idea, we had to suspend an existing room addition and the original house. A main sewer lateral had to be moved new stone for the exterior home’s facade had to marry with the existing 60 year old stone facade, existing framing issues needed to be corrected and we thought we’d make room for some outdoor fun: a grilling, dining area, and fireplace.

16 Ton Facelift - Before16 Ton Facelift - Before16 Ton Facelift - Before

Our Challenge

The biggest challenging of this project was adding a steel beam to support the 16 ton existing structure to carry the load of the new porch, allowing us to extend the entertainment room downstairs. Adding to that was the challenge of the existing ductwork into the new space which was in spacial conflict with the positioning of the steal beam. We resolved that little ditty by opting for a mini-split heating and cooling system.

We like to say, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Speaking of which, getting behind some of these older neighborhood homes is always a challenge and in this case we had to build a road around the house for access.

16 Ton Facelift - After16 Ton Facelift - After

16 Ton Facelift - After16 Ton Facelift - After

Our Specialty

That’s our specialty, complex design build that in the end is simply beautiful. And now you know the rest of the story.

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