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How Much Does an Addition Cost in the Pittsburgh Area?

April 18, 2017 | Regis McQuaide

How Much Does an Addition Cost in the Pittsburgh Area.jpgAre you planning to add on to your house but aren’t sure how much you’ll need to spend? Setting a realistic budget will help you ensure that your addition includes all the features you want. Although costs vary depending on the type of addition, we’ve provided some information that will help you determine a rough estimate of your Pittsburgh remodeling costs.

Upscale Master Bathroom Addition

Is your current master bathroom cramped or outdated? Bathrooms, now a key selling point, were once almost afterthoughts. Although people certainly needed them, they didn’t necessarily want to spend much time in them. Today, bathrooms in new homes have become more luxurious, but it often takes building an addition to an existing home to get the space you want.

According to the 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, Pittsburgh area homeowners paid an average of $82,987 for a master bathroom addition. For that price, you can expect a 100-square-foot bathroom, ceramic tile floors, two sinks in a stone countertop and custom base and wall cabinets. Upscale bathrooms include freestanding showers with body spray fixtures, soaking tubs and a one-piece toilet in its own compartment.

Upscale Master Bedroom Addition

Master bedroom suite additions average $253,935. You’ll get a 32-by-20-foot addition that offers plenty of room for your master bedroom and bathroom. The suite will feature all of the bathroom options mentioned above plus separate sitting and sleeping areas, custom bookcases, a gas fireplace with stone hearth, a large walk-in closet and a 5-foot-long hospitality center complete with undercounter refrigerator, bar sink and microwave.

Upscale Deck Addition

You can expect to spend $39,654 for a composite deck addition, according to the report. Your new 16-by-20-foot deck will include two levels, a built-in bench and planter and lighting. Upscale decks are designed to blend in with your home’s architecture and not look as if they were tacked on at a later date.

Family Room Addition

The Cost vs. Value Report doesn’t report the average cost of an upscale family room addition but does include information on a mid-range addition. Pittsburghers can expect to spend $92,659 for the mid-range addition. A 16-by-25-foot addition will include a pre-finished hardwood floors, two skylights, two skylights, windows, atrium-style doors, ceiling lights and tie-ins to your home’s electrical and HVAC systems. If you’re planning an upscale family room addition, you’ll probably spend at least double the cost of the mid-range addition.

Two-Story Addition

Mid-range information is also only available for two-story additions. Although you’ll pay $92,659 for a mid-range family room, you’ll need to at least double that figure if you want an upscale addition. The price is based on a 24-by-16-foot two-story addition that includes a family room on the first floor and a bedroom and bathroom on the second floor. Carpeted floors, painted drywall and a pre-fabricated fireplace are notable features in the family room, while the second floor includes carpeting, a walk-in closet and a small 5-by-8-foot bathroom with a combination bathtub/shower.

When moving isn’t an option, additions offer an excellent way to expand your home and improve the value of your property. Are you considering adding an upscale addition to your home but aren’t sure what features you want to include? Why not take a look at our online portfolio for inspiration, then give us a call to get the home remodeling process started.
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2017 Cost vs. Value Report



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