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Amazing Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining This Summer

May 09, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

Are tired of the same old backyard barbecues year after year? Reinventing your summer get-togethers can be as simple as trying a few new recipes and transforming your deck or patio in the ultimate outdoor entertainment space with a home renovation....

Minimalist Design – Only the Best Features, Only the Best Craftsmanship

May 07, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

Is “the less stuff the better” your decorating mantra? If you enjoy an uncluttered home and sleek lines, minimalist design may be the ideal option for your interior home remodeling project. Before you begin your home renovation, keep these things in...

The Best Boutique Shops in Pittsburgh for Amazing Furniture

May 02, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

Furniture adds the finishing touches to any home remodeling project, whether you’re renovating a master bedroom suite in Sewickley or turning your Mt. Lebanon basement into the ultimate game room and pub. Although you can find acceptable pieces in any...

Colors and Textures for Your Home: What’s In and What’s Out

April 24, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

Remember when sponge painted walls were the “in” thing? Pittsburgh homeowners spent hours diligently sponging complementary colors on their walls to achieve the ultimate faux finish. Unfortunately, some of those poor people embraced the trend too late...

When We Win, You Win – Why Awards Matter When Choosing a Pittsburgh Home Remodeler

April 17, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

Narrowing your list of Pittsburgh home remodelers can be a little challenging when every company claims to offer innovative design, superior craftsmanship and excellent value. If you’re looking for a deciding factor, consider awards. Although they may...

The Elements of an Amazing Bathroom

April 10, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

The ancient Romans had the right idea when it came to bathroom design. Their bathhouses were lavish spaces that that featured imposing columns and arches, colorful mosaics, marble walls and other details that encouraged bathers to linger and...

Choosing the Best Pittsburgh Remodeling Company

April 03, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

There’s a lot at stake when you hire a Pittsburgh remodeling contractor. If you choose poorly, you may suffer the consequences of your choice for years. At best, you’ll live with a remodel that’s nothing like you envisioned. At worst, you’ll have to...

7 Amazing Mudroom Ideas for Your Pittsburgh Home

March 29, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

What is the Most Expensive Room to Remodel and Why

March 23, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

The most-used room in your home is also the most costly to renovate. In fact, Pittsburgh homeowners who complete upscale major kitchen remodels can expect to spend $128,533, according to the 2018 Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling.com. Here are a...

3 Advantages Design/Build Has Over Traditional Remodeling

March 09, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, tackling a basement renovation, or working on any other project, remodeling used to involve two distinct stages. During the first, you interviewed architects, reviewed their work and contacted their references...

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