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Should I Remodel My Pittsburgh Home in 2019?

January 10, 2019 | Regis McQuaide

Should I Remodel My Pittsburgh Home in 2019Most people don’t decide to renovate their homes on a whim. In fact, it may take several years from the time you say “Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if the kitchen was bigger” until you decide to start contacting home renovation contractors. If you’re having trouble deciding if 2019 is the right time for a home remodel, consider these factors.

Change in Family Circumstances

Will the number of people living in your home increase or decrease this year? Remodeling your home ensures that you’ll have plenty of room for a new baby or your disabled mother-in-law. You could move to a bigger home, but why uproot your family if you’re happy where you are? Whether you convert existing space into new bedroom or build an accessible addition to your home, a renovation will give everyone in the family the space they need.

Downsizing isn’t the only option if your kids are finally on their own. In fact, you might want to reimagine and reconfigure your existing floor plan. Convert your daughter’s rooms into a craft or exercise room, create a wine cellar in your basement, or tear down a few walls to create the open concept floor plan you’ve always wanted.

Aging Systems and Structures

When “antique” is the best way to describe your heating and air-conditioning system, it’s time for a remodel. If you live in a grand old Pittsburgh home, replacing the furnace and swapping drafty windows with newer models that still fit the style of your home may save you hundreds or thousands in heating and utility bills yearly.

Renovations offer the perfect opportunity to update aging electrical and plumbing systems, restore historical details, refinish or replace hardwood floors, and expand the size of kitchens and bathrooms.

Remodeling Will Never Be Less Expensive Than It Is Now

No matter what your budget, you probably don’t want to spend more than absolutely necessary on a home renovation. Although the prices of cell phones and personal computers may have decreased over the years, most products, materials and services only increase with time.

Unfortunately, you never know how much inflation will affect prices in the future. If you’ve considered the financial aspects of remodeling and have the funds available for the project, why wait and risk a substantial increase in the cost of your renovation?

The Economy and Housing Market

Thanks to the strong economy and housing market, home values are increasing across the Pittsburgh area. Median home prices have risen by 13.2 percent during the past year, and Zillow expects them to increase by 10 percent in 2019.

When the economy is weak and home values decrease, it doesn’t make sense to put money into your home. If you do, you may never realize a healthy return on your investment. The opposite is true when the economy is healthy. Remodeling this year is an excellent way to boost the value of your home and increase its eventual sales price when you sell it.

Have you decided that 2019 is the year you’ll finally remodel your home? Master Remodelers can help you make improvements that will make your home more livable and increase its value and appearance.  Contact us for information on our innovative design/build approach to remodeling.



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