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Should You Add an Addition to Your Pittsburgh Home?

August 20, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

Should You Add an Addition to Your Pittsburgh HomeUnless you built your house yourself, chances are it’s not quite your dream home. Many of us live with our homes’ shortcomings but dream of the day when we can finally expand the kitchen or put a two-story addition on the back of the house. Before you finalize your home remodeling plans, consider these pros and cons.

When an Addition is a

Good Idea

Adding on to your home may be an excellent choice under these circumstances:

You’ve outgrown your home

If you love your neighborhood or lot, but your house just doesn’t have enough room, building an addition is an excellent option. When your house has too few bedrooms, tiny living areas or not enough garage space, it makes sense to add on and increase your enjoyment of your home.

Your kitchen is too small or outdated

Small kitchens are a fact of life if you live in an older home in the Pittsburgh area. Although the first residents of your home may have been happy just to have enough space for a range, refrigerator and sink, today’s lifestyles make smaller kitchens impractical. Building an addition gives you plenty of room to include all the upscale gadgets and appliances that make life a little easier, like smart refrigerators, wine chillers, professional-grade ranges and dual sinks or dishwashers.

You want a spacious master bedroom suite

If “old and cramped” are the best descriptions of your master bedroom suite, it’s the ideal time to consider an addition. Depending on your preferences, you may want to add dual walk-in closets, a sitting area or office space, or a balcony or patio. You won’t mind waking up in the morning if your new master bath includes a few luxurious features, like a steam shower that remembers your favorite water temperature setting, a large soaking tub, heated floors or a waterproof TV.

You need more space to entertain

A tiny living room and equally small family or dining room make hosting get-togethers at your home challenging. If you frequently hold business or charity dinners at your home or host the extended family’s holiday feasts, an addition can be a good choice.

When an Addition Isn’t Such a Good Idea

Building an addition may not be the best option if:

You don’t know how long you’ll stay put

If there’s a possible job transfer in your future, or you’ve been thinking about retiring to Florida, an addition probably won’t offer a good return on your investment.

The addition will make your home much bigger than surrounding homes

An addition will increase your home’s value but you might not get the price you’re expecting when you sell if the addition is too large.

Your home is in poor condition

Adding an addition may be a waste of money if you have foundation problems, water damage or other issues that can affect the structural integrity of your home. Once you address those issues, you can think about adding on.

Your yard is already small

Additions definitely eat up yard space. If your property is large, you won’t care if you have to relocate the garden or find another place for the shed. Unfortunately, an addition may eliminate much of your outdoor space if your yard is tiny. You’ll also need to consider setbacks, the number of feet your addition must be from your neighbors’ properties, if you want to add on to a home on a narrow or small lot.

Are you ready to increase the size of your kitchen, add more living space, or simply add on that perfect addition? Master Remodelers can design and build an addition that will give you the extra room you need. Contact us to discuss your remodeling options.


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