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The Future of Remodeling – Trends That Could Take Off in 2019

January 17, 2019 | Regis McQuaide

The Future of Remodeling – Trends That Could Take Off in 2019It’s certainly true that nothing ever stays the same, particularly in the remodeling business. As a homeowner, it can be difficult to sort through the latest renovation trends to determine which ones actually make sense for your home remodel. We’ve tried to make the process a little easier by highlighting four interesting trends that could become popular this year.

Technology Becomes a Key Element in Renovation Projects

This past holiday season, countless package thieves were caught on camera swiping boxes from porches and patios from Squirrel Hill to Shadyside and beyond. Thanks to WiFi-enabled video doorbells that instantly alert homeowners when someone’s at the door, owners have been able to scare away porch pirates, or at least discourage them from returning.

The doorbells are just one of the technological innovations that make your home more secure and comfortable.  Homeowners increasingly want security systems that can be controlled remotely, lighting that mimics circadian cycles  and heating and air-conditioning systems that are not only programmable, but capable of learning and remembering residents’ habits and preferences.

Although it’s certainly possible to retrofit new systems, they’re much easier (and cheaper) to install during a renovation. Not surprisingly, many tech advancements are found in kitchens and bathrooms. From showers that remember just how hot you like the water to motion-sensitive faucets to remote-controlled ovens, technology makes your life easier.

In just a few years, you may even be able to create the ideal refrigerator for your needs. The Addition Refrigerator, now in its conceptual phase, consists of modular refrigeration units that allow you to add and subtract units as needed.

Black is Back: Color and Other Interior Design Trends

Black walls and floor coverings, once considered too dark for most rooms, are being added to bathrooms, kitchens and even family rooms today. Offset by plenty of white surfaces, dark shades add drama to spaces without overwhelming them.

White is no longer the dominant kitchen color in 2019. In fact, cabinets and appliances are becoming much more colorful as homeowners embrace rich reds, greens, blues and other primary colors. Other trends include elimination of upper cabinets, beadboard cabinets, hammered metal sinks and brass, copper and black matte faucets and fixtures. Rose gold faucets and fixtures, once popular options, have become much less desirable.

Stainless Steel Becomes Less Popular

Every year for the past several years, interior design experts pronounced that stainless steel appliances and granite countertops had become outdated. It appears that this year, they may finally be correct. Although stainless steel appliances and granite are still readily available, many homeowners are passing over these kitchen staples in favor of other finishes and materials.

Quartz, soapstone, wood, solid surface and other natural materials, including leather, offer attractive alternatives to granite, while black matte and glossy white appliances, in addition to more colorful hues, are becoming commonplace in Pittsburgh kitchen remodels.

Accessibility Becomes a Priority

Condos in warmer climates are no longer the ideal retirement homes for most people. According to the AARP, 87 percent of people 65 and older would prefer to stay in their current homes as they grow older. Unfortunately, aging in place isn’t possible for many of us without a few modifications to our homes.

If you’re considering aging in place, you may want to:

  • Add a first-floor bedroom or an office or other space that can be converted to a bedroom later
  • Improve lighting and install motion-activated and remote-controlled lights
  • Eliminate stairs at one or more entrances
  • Widen hallways and doorways
  • Take down upper cabinets in the kitchen
  • Make bathrooms more accessible

Do you need a little help deciding which trends to incorporate in your remodel? The design/build team at Master Remodelers can help you explore the possibilities. Contact us to get the process started.



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