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The Pittsburgh Bathroom Remodeling Checklist

August 30, 2018 | Regis McQuaide

The Pittsburgh Bathroom Remodeling ChecklistIt’s the little details that can keep you up at night when you’re in the midst of a Pittsburgh bathroom remodel. Should you have chosen the tub with the chromatherapy lights or the copper one? Are contemporary or traditional vanities a better choice? You’ll sleep better when you take the time to consider every little detail before you begin construction. Our checklist can help you ensure that you don’t overlook any key features.

Room Size

Do you want to renovate your existing space or add more square footage to the bathroom? If you plan to expand the bathroom, do you plan to borrow space from another room or build an addition?


How many do you need? Do you have room for more than one sink? Do you prefer vessel, undermount, drop-in or pedestal sinks? Do you want no-touch functionality?

Vanity Cabinet

What style do you prefer: traditional, contemporary, minimalist, rustic, vintage? What finishes and woods do you want? Are you willing to wait a few months for custom cabinets in your preferred wood choice? How much storage do you need? If you’ve chosen dual sinks, do you want one vanity cabinet or two?


Do you want your toilet to be tucked away in its own private compartment? What features do you want in a toilet? Self-cleaning? Bidet feature? Lights? Toilet seat warmer? Do you want a separate bidet? Do you want a white toilet or do you have a particular color in mind?


Do you want a standard bathtub or a soaking tub? If you want a soaking tub, should it include jets, chromatherapy lights or an aromatherapy feature? Do you prefer a particular style or shape for your soaking tub? What type of faucet do you want? Will the tub be the focal point of the room?


Do you prefer a multi-headed shower with room for two or a smaller shower? Do want a steam shower? How about high-tech features, such as a system that stores your preferred shower settings or incorporates speakers? What about your shower surround? Would you like it to incorporate the same stone used in the floor or a complementary type? Do you like glass shower surrounds? Do you want a curbless shower? How about a shower seat, door or built-in shelves?


What type of flooring do you want for the bathroom? Do you prefer travertine or  another natural stone, or would you prefer ceramic tile that looks just like wood, or perhaps soft cork or another flooring material? Do you want radiant heating installed under your floors?


What types of light fixtures do you want to include in your bathroom? Can lighting? Wall sconces? Pendant fixtures? What about a fixture that makes a dramatic statement, such as a chandelier?

Other Features

Would you like to add any features that will make your new bathroom more comfortable, such as heated towels racks, a coffee station, a wine chiller or refrigerator, a waterproof TV or Internet access? What about features that make your bathroom stand out, such as a stained glass window, teak feature wall, enlarged window over the soaking tub, aquarium or fireplace or fire feature?  

Thorough preparation is the key to success in any project, including home remodeling. The design-build team at Masters Remodelers will help you explore all of your options, from flooring to lighting to shower selection. Contact us to find out how we can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.



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