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It’s Not Just Your Kitchen: 4 Unique Remodels to Consider for Your Home

October 22, 2017 | Regis McQuaide

It’s Not Just Your Kitchen 4 Unique Remodels to Consider for Your Home.jpgKitchens and bathrooms get all the attention when it comes to interior home remodeling, but they’re not the only renovations that can improve your home. These four remodeling projects will definitely distinguish your home from the neighbors’ houses.

Team-Themed Home Theater and Game Room

Every home needs a little space that’s dedicated to fun. A team-themed home theater and game room offers the ultimate way to show your support for the Steelers, Pirates or Penguins (or any other team). In addition to displaying the usual pennants and posters, search EBay and other auction sites for photographs, uniforms and memorabilia from past eras.

Watching a game at home feels like a more authentic experience when your home theater features a life-size replica of part of your favorite stadium. Although you’ll want your home stadium to feel realistic, there’s nothing wrong with making a few tweaks, such as swapping hard folding seats for more comfortable seating options.

There’s no reason you can’t try your hand at your favorite sport when it’s halftime or the seventh inning stretch. After installing a hockey, soccer, baseball or football simulator, you can practice your moves and receive feedback immediately after you hit or kick the ball. Thanks to realistic action provided by large screen simulators, you’ll feel that you’re really in the middle of the game.

Two-Story Master Bedroom

Who says master bedrooms have to be confined to one floor only? Opting for a two-story master bedroom suite can improve your enjoyment of your home and truly make your house unique. Turn the first floor of your suite into a sitting area complete with a large fireplace, or create a sophisticated library inspired by the mahogany reading rooms in your favorite old movies.

Enhance the drama with a grand staircase leading to the bedroom and bathroom. If you think you may want to age in place in your current home, place the master bedroom suite on the first floor instead. Should mobility issues occur in the future, accessing your bedroom won’t be a problem.

Secret Room

Did Nancy Drew or the Scooby Doo gang inspire you to fruitlessly search your home for a secret room when you were a kid? Your old family home may have been a disappointment, but that doesn’t mean your current home can’t be a little mysterious. In fact, your home improvement and remodeling contractor can help you create the hidden room you’ve always wanted. Hide your home office behind a bookcase that isn’t quite what it seems, or conceal your crafts room behind a brick wall that’s anything but solid.

Authentic Wine Cellar

Adding a little atmosphere to your wine cellar won’t improve the taste of the wine, but it sure makes running downstairs for another bottle of Merlot more fun. Stone walls, thick wood beams and shelves, and heavy wooden doors that look they belong in 16th century France can turn a basic, utilitarian wine room into something much more interesting.

Don’t be surprised if your wine cellar is so comfortable that you don’t want to just grab a bottle and run. Add a few comfortable leather chairs and wooden tables in one section of the room so that you can enjoy the ambiance while you sip your favorite wine.

Do you need a little help creating a unique space in your Pittsburgh home? Master Remodelers expert architects, designers, builders and craftsmen routinely find creative solutions for a range of upscale remodeling projects. Contact us for more information about starting your own project.



Visible Sports Simulators


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